How to make love to a pregnant woman

by Chris Cook posted in Mom Stories Love-making is one of the touchiest subjects a pregnant couple may encounter. Unborn babies have a tendency to disrupt what was once a steamy, fantastical sex life and turn it into an awkward, tiring and sometimes belaboring experience for both parties. Over several months post-conception, the sporadic love-making... Read more »

11 incredible newborn photos that make me miss my babies

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories On the rare occasions when she shoots themed sets, Kansas City-based newborn photographer Anna Marie McGhee likes to go all out. Her latest project, featuring her tiny, sleepy subjects dressed up as Disney princesses, is evidence of Anna Marie's "go all out" philosophy. From baby Ariel snoozing seaside in... Read more »

We've all got a pregnancy persona, what's yours?

by Becky Vieira posted in Mom Stories Chances are if you ask two women how they feel about pregnancy you will get answers that are polar opposites. Be it snowflakes, stripes on a zebra or fingerprints, it’s a known fact that no two of these things are alike. Whether this is your first or fifth... Read more »

Gorgeous Southern baby names y'all will love

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories Well, I declare! Who knew the South was just brimming with baby name inspiration? Southern charm is famous the world over, and it seems that appeal extends to baby names as well. If you're looking for the perfect pick for your little sweet pea on the way, you'd... Read more »

I almost stopped breastfeeding until I learned THIS position

by Adrienne Hodges posted in Mom Stories For so many women, breastfeeding initially feels anything but natural. Even without extenuating medical issues your body has to adjust to the suction, friction, and awkward positioning of nursing. For me this adjustment was toe-curlingly painful. Still, I stuck to my "Intro to Breastfeeding" training. I tried various "holds" and latching techniques,... Read more »

Moms describe motherhood in just one word

by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories Describe motherhood in just one word. It seems like an almost impossible task, doesn't it? So many words come to my mind. There's "love," obviously. And "challenging," clearly. Also frustrating, fascinating, overwhelming, rewarding. And that's just off the very top of my head. I'm sure I could quite... Read more »

Trying to conceive? Here's how to decode the online jargon

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories If you happen to be trying to conceive (TTC), and aren't familiar with birth clubs and or preconception online communities -- such as the Getting Pregnant group in the BabyCenter Community -- that first experience of wading into the pool might leave you scratching your head. This is because... Read more »

Photographer captures stunning images of her own birth

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories Professional photographer Lisa Robinson typically sticks to weddings and portraits. But she was excited to be behind the lens for her very first labor and delivery photo shoot -- her own. Robinson and her husband, Alex Ward, already had a 9-year-old son. After years of trying and two miscarriages,... Read more »

Experience contractions through these intense photos

by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories During my first pregnancy, I spent a lot of time wondering what contractions would feel like. One mom friend described them as the worst period cramps of your life. After being in labor three times, I can't say I would describe contractions this way. For me, they were... Read more »

The moment the new baby changed my marriage

by Maggie Downs posted in Mom Stories There was a specific moment when I felt everything change. It was two days after I gave birth. I was still in the hospital, struggling through the recovery from an emergency c-section. My world at that moment consisted of pale walls, several pillows wedged around me, and the... Read more »

29 things people with no filter say to pregnant women

by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories My vanity couldn't handle any of the pregnancy stages -- from the beginning where you start to lose your waist but no one really knows why, to the bitter end -- where those gigantic maternity bloomers you swore you'd never, ever wear, suddenly fit and appeal to your... Read more »

6 tips for mastering tummy time

by Kierste Wade posted in Mom Stories As a new mom, tummy time can be exciting because you get to see your baby stretching, reaching and maybe even rolling for the very first time. But as fun as it sounds, sometimes babies just don't want to cooperate or they flat out hate being on their stomachs. This... Read more »

Photos: My journey toward mastering public breastfeeding

by Becky Vieira posted in Mom Stories I've always considered myself somewhat coordinated, but when it comes to public nursing, I may as well be blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. I’m just that bad at it. While I’ve become slightly adept at nursing at home that’s only because I’m utilizing nursing pillows, contorting... Read more »

7 practical-ish reasons to have "just one more" baby

by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories According to my husband, we are 100-percent done having children. Three kids is more than enough, he says. Then again, he said that right after we had our second child. And here we are. Me? Well, I'm still on the fence about our baby-making days being over for... Read more »

These naked photos show moms' real postpartum bodies

by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories If there ever was a real come-to-Jesus moment, it might be seeing your naked, postpartum body for the first time. I know it was for me when I was staring at my fleshy tummy in the brutally unforgiving lights of the hospital bathroom. It's easy to get caught... Read more »

10 vintage treasures to show your kids before they're gone

by Joyce Slaton posted in Mom Stories It's only natural that as new things arrive, old things crumble. But the last 20 years have seen so much change that it's almost dizzying. Technological advances have altered our lives to the point that our great-grandmothers would have thought our everyday lives right out of a sci... Read more »

Stunning photos show how a baby fits in your womb

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Have you ever wondered how your baby managed to fit inside your body? Sure, there are some amazing illustrations out there depicting how things generally fit -- but what about your son or daughter in your womb? I recently came across the work of Marry Fermont, a photographer... Read more »

Photos: Mom nursing toddler during labor is everything

by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories While they themselves are wedding photographers, this couple invited birth photographer, Maegan Dougherty, into their hospital room to document the labor and delivery of their second child. When the couple's toddler-aged daughter stopped in to visit, her mom breastfed her. Yes, she nursed her child while laboring. And this is... Read more »

Would you get a tattoo over your c-section scar or stretch marks?

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Though I've felt hopeless about my stretch marks at times, covering them up is not something I'd ever considered. But, apparently, there are moms out there who are beautifying their postpartum bodies with tattoos. Some are getting their c-section scars inked over, and others are turning their stretch... Read more »

15 most awkward pregnancy photos ever

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Mom Stories By Joyce Slaton; images compiled by BabyCentre UK blogger LucyBC The pregnancy photo session is so easy to screw up. So many things that look odd if they wander into frame! Eggs, balloons, guns, used condoms... Um, huh? If that last one doesn't make sense, looks like... Read more »

Incredible photos showcase the wonder of the placenta

by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories We know the placenta is an important part of pregnancy, but when it comes to what it does and where exactly it fits, things get a little fuzzy. Over the years I've seen a number of photos of the meaty-looking organ laid flat, but only recently did I see... Read more »

Infertility: Miscarriage, adoption, IVF, and twins, oh my!

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Mom Stories To recognize National Infertility Awareness Week, we bring you this post from Melissa of Okayest Mom. Have you struggled with infertility? I understand. Have you had miscarriages? I empathize. Have you wanted to run over the “Expectant Mother Parking” signs in parking lots? Me too. Have you... Read more »

Postpartum swag your lady bits will love

by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories If anyone had told me I'd be eternally grateful for the huge mesh panties and free bag of super duper absorbent maxi pads the hospital hands out after you have a baby, I wouldn't have believed them. But, believe me, I was. So happy, in fact, I wished... Read more »


7 Important Facts About Baby Skin

    The skin of a newborn has certain characteristics:   The entire skin is thinner, and especially its most superficial part - the epidermis;   Sweat glands exist, or immediately after birth are not active. Newborn can not establish thermoregulation by sweating it therefore not be pretopljavati clothing and blankets;   The sebaceous glands are developed, especially on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin;   Scent glands are not...

Physiological Erythema In Newborn

    It manifests itself first days after birth the appearance of diffuse redness, of varying intensity. The redness is a result of expansion of capillaries of the skin and a greater inflow of blood to the skin.   It is a physiological phenomenon and occurs in response to stimuli external environment, such as exposure to outside air temperature, the effect of water when bathing and mechanical stimuli when drying the skin after bathing.   Therefore, after bathing...

Vernix caseosa - Greasy Protective Layer

    Newborn skin is covered with a pale yellowish fatty deposits that consist of secretions of the sebaceous glands, deskvamiranih briefest cell layer of the skin and decomposed lanugo.   These deposits in the conditions of life in the uterus are the protection of the skin from the effects of amniotic fluid. These deposits will be removed and will disappear completely after two to three baths.   In a small number of infants deposits remain for several days,...

Understanding Online Marketing

  "We respect privacy. The information presented from the client is going to be protected. We refute dissemination practices as much as you do." Does this statement not tintinnabulation from the ears. Well, we have now come across these paraplegic oaths quite a few instances. Are they real to their word? May be ... could be not. Some internet sites are identified to trade their customers' specifics for financial rewards. The query remains: Can we trust them?     System...

Baby's Developing Vision Part 2

Three to four months   The baby begins to reach for objects but still is unable to reach them because they can not coordinate the movements of the hand. Take your time, in this age intensively coordinating eye movements with hand movements, so it will soon scream of happiness when caught toy. Help her playing with her: offering her rattle vibrant colors and check the catch. You will notice that the baby begins to grabbing by all means in hand, and often "suffer" Mom's hair, glasses...

Baby's Developing Vision

    In contrast to the sense of hearing, which is in the baby fully formed until the age of one month, vision develops gradually and slowly. Your child will be able to see just as well as an adult until the age of seven months.     The newborn is born formed the sense of sight, but his brain is not sufficiently "mature" to analyze the image or to send messages to eye about what they see. As the brain develops, so improving the baby's eyesight. First things first...

Useful SEO Tools

  Keyword Investigation and Density   You will find really few sorts of leading Seo application which will come close to Web CEO's keyword analysis. Including keywords within your content material is essential to finding noticed by Google and other search engines like google, and it can make it easier to out in identifying the appropriate set of key phrases you must include on your pages. When the keywords are identified, the next query invariably is; how a lot of instances...

A Baby On A Playground - 6 Things You Should Pay Attention

  Playground or small park are the best party place for every child, but it is also a place where children feel about injuries. No matter how careful your child will get the situation had to survive a fall, or a random shot of peers, but we must do everything to avoid serious injury.     1. Do not let the child out of sight No matter how much work it was all safe, before you know it, the child finds himself in a situation to the you did not expect, even on the flat...

Hemangioma In Kids Part 2

  We try to make the treatment of hemangioma aggressiveness reduce it to a minimum - that the less we use the knife, except when it is absolutely necessary (mostly cosmetic correction of deformities or in the case of life-threatening when not to wait two or three weeks to hemangioma pass by itself, but you need to act immediately).    At the institute, the hemangioma lens methods used around the world - monitoring, without taking drastic measures, or corticosteroids:...

Hemangioma In Kids

  Hemangioma is a benign changes that can be described as a change in the blood vessels of newborns. The most common are the so-called strawberry hemangiomas that are, on average, been encountered in every tenth child. This change occurs by itself, develops a certain time and then disappears by itself. Hemangiomas are not picked up during the first year of life as is the case with red spots on the back of the head, forehead, his nose and eyelids, frequent in children and babies at...


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